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Intelligent energy management system solutions
Time:2013/9/9 13:49:48
System Overview:

Intelligent energy management system uses the latest in communications technology, to achieve a home or office security monitoring, while saving energy and reducing consumption reflects the approach to development, in response to a national green development policies. The system of electrical equipment, multimedia equipment and communications equipment into an organic integration of the operation is very convenient management system.
System to achieve a variety of organic connection technology, can provide you with air conditioning, audio-visual equipment, security, lighting, video surveillance, energy data, including full control, allowing you to enjoy the convenience brought by technology. You can monitor anywhere in your home energy use, and remove abnormal waste of energy; You can also check your home, at the office of the security situation, the first time to remove the security risk; You can also preset scene modes to achieve intelligent automatic control household equipment in your home.

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